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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Odds & Ends

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1.  I’m heading to L.A. tomorrow for work—I’ll be there through Friday night and while I’m not excited to pack my suitcase (I HATE packing!), the weather forecast is giving me just the motivation I need. 60 degree temperatures in January?! Count me in!

2. My mom made this beef tenderloin for Christmas dinner. Eventually I’d like to make it again and get a blog post up about it, but in case I don’t get my act together for awhile, I wanted to share it with you guys. Ryan said it was the best beef tenderloin he’s had—ever!

3. After accidentally cracking my trifle bowl a few years ago, my sister Renatta replaced it for me this year for Christmas. I'm anxious to make my favorite Raspberry Amaretto Trifle again (pictured above), but am on the hunt for additional trifle recipes and/or uses for the bowl. Please share recipes in the comments! 
4. While in Chicago over Christmas, my sister Renatta, my parents, Ryan, and I got to eat at Girl & The Goat. This was mine and Ryan's second time there and I was so excited to share the dining experience with some of my family. I can't even describe how amazing it was--though a totally different menu than when we'd been a year and a half earlier, each dish was incredibly inventive and flavorful. Stephanie Izard truly has some talent and while I love a lot of restaurants, I'm pretty sure Girl & The Goat is at the top of my list! I will continue to take advantage of eating there whenever I can and recommend you do the same, even if it means taking a 5 pm or a 9 pm reservation (the two times I've booked). 

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