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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Finding Time in 2013: Rooster Cafe

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 I mentioned that the purpose of my 2013 Challenge, dubbed "Finding Time in 2013", was to eliminate any rules, unlike what I've done for my past three challenges. Nothing against rules...I'm a rule-follower to be sure, but our lives are so packed and structured and scheduled that I didn't want to have to abide by any additional structure here on the blog. At the end of the day, my 2013 challenge is to slow down a little bit and make time for things I've been meaning to make or eat, but haven't gotten around to.
To kick the year off, we headed to Rooster, a breakfast/lunch crêpe and sandwich cafe in downtown St. Louis. I'm a huge fan of Bailey's Chocolate Bar and Bailey's Range, two of Rooster's sister restaurants. I've actually been to Rooster once before, but it was without Ryan, and after a great first experience, I was dying to go back.
Last Sunday after church, my sister Renatta, Ryan, and I headed to Rooster. At noon, it was infinitely more packed than when I'd been before, at 8 am. The restaurant expanded in the last year or so and even at its new size, it was busting at the seams with crowds of people waiting for a seat. We bided our time with Bloody Mary's and coffee, and the thirty minutes quickly passed. 

Their menu is a crêpe lovers dream! To be honest, I couldn't even tell you what else is on the menu because I was so mesmerized by the selection of crêpes. The first time there I tried the goat cheese #2 (goat cheese, fresh spinach, and tomato jam). This time I switched things up and ordered the brie #2 (creative names, eh?). The brie #2 included brie, apples roasted in cider, cherry chutney, and arugula (note-it's not on the online menu, so their online menu must not be the most current). Renatta ordered a similar crepe but without the cherry chutney or arugula. Ryan switched things up with the bacon #1 (bacon, blue cheese, mushrooms, caramelized onions, and arugula).

We "mmm-ed" our way through our brunch, commenting on the perfectly light crepe batter and the brilliance of the ingredient combinations. I would've had serious entree envy for Ryan's, which was amazing, had mine not been so fantastic itself. I'm dying to make some cherry chutney and slather it on anything and everything!
Of course, we couldn't help but finish the meal off with a sweet crepe: nutella, strawberries, and a scoop of Bailey's ice cream. It was the perfect ending and Renatta had to show restraint not to lick the plate.
Ironically enough, our service was incredibly slow. Fitting, considering that's kind of the whole point of this, huh? In true dedication to the challenge, I didn't even let me stress me out. I had a paper to write at home and a house to clean and blog posts to write, but I forced myself to forget. Instead I focused on two of my favorite people, laughing and telling stories and shamelessly staring at the man who devoured his breakfast sandwich, oblivious to the fact that juices from it were creating a mess all over the table and himself. It is always, always worth it to slow down and savor...and I'm more than willing to do it at Rooster!

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