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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Grilled Corn with Cilantro Butter

I've had this saved since last weekend, but haven't had time to post it...tune in tomorrow for homemade kettle corn and a baking disaster (but a delicious baking disaster!).

This isn't much of a recipe, but it deserves a quick post because it was a nice spin on the typical grilled corn on the cob!

We picked up some corn on the cob at the farmers market the other day and decided to grill it that evening with some salmon. Ryan grilled it in the husk and then after grilling, we buttered it up and sprinkled on chopped cilantro and sea salt.

This wasn't nearly as amazing as I wanted it to be...I think it could be improved by squeezing some lime juice on or perhaps putting the cilantro and butter on before grilling. However, it was still a nice addition to the standard corn on the cob and I'd definitely do it again!