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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Costco Salmon & Grilled Vegetables

Ryan gets all of the credit for this meal. I was originally supposed to assist by chopping the vegetables when I got home...but I proceeded to lock myself out of the house and instead had to wait for him. Go me!

Anyways, this doesn't even deserve a post as it isn't much of a recipe, but the artistic director of this blog (ahem, Ryan) took a pretty picture of it so here it is!

The wild alaskan salmon was from Costco and was already pre-marinated so all he had to do was grill that. I highly recommend...the flavor was perfect!

As for the vegetables, Ryan chopped half of a yellow squash, half of an orange pepper, and half of a zucchini. He then tossed it with the following:

-olive oil 
-salt & pepper
-finely chopped cilantro
-finely chopped fresh garlic

He used his brand new grill basket (bday gift from yours truly!) to grill those babies for about 15 minutes. Perfection.

Fish and veggies, awesome summer meal (to be followed up with some leftover scotcheroos ;))