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Monday, June 30, 2014

Turkey Pesto Paninis with Pepperjack

Turkey Pesto Paninis with Pepperjack | The Sweets Life
Turkey Pesto Paninis with Pepperjack 

I definitely think a Panini press is a want, not a need when it comes to kitchen appliances, much like the waffle maker or the ice cream maker (unless you’re us, in which case the ice cream maker is very much a need). That being said, there’s just something about the way a Panini press transforms an ordinary sandwich into something special that I’m willing to argue it can err on the side of a needed appliance!
Pin ItTurkey Pesto Paninis with Pepperjack | The Sweets Life

Whether it’s the toasty bread or the melty cheese, the sandwich coming out of the Panini press is infinitely more exciting and doesn’t take but five extra minutes than the hastily assembled coldcut sandwich. The recipe below isn't anything earth-shattering, and I didn't even include quantities because you can make it according to your tastes, but I will say it was a dang good combination of ingredients and I highly recommend! That being said, take survey of the contents of your fridge and see what you can come up with. Tell me, what's your favorite sandwich?
Turkey Pesto Paninis with Pepperjack | The Sweets Life

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Turkey Pesto Paninis with Pepperjack 

-sourdough bread (2 slices per sandwich)
-shaved turkey or chicken
-artichoke hearts
-tomato slices
-pepperjack cheese

1. Spread pesto on one slice of bread. Top with turkey, artichoke hearts, tomato, pepperjack, and spinach. Finish with second piece of bread. Press in panini press and cook until bread is browed and cheese is melted.
2. Cut in half and serve. Repeat with remaining ingredients to make as many sandwiches as you want.