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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Forget the Ice Cream Truck....Fourteen Frozen Treats to Make at Home!

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Check out Forget the Ice Cream Truck...Fourteen Frozen Desserts!
by Natalie McLaury at Foodie.com
In our neighborhood, the Ice Cream Truck is legitimately creepy. From the sheer look of it, you'd probably think it's a pretty standard ice cream truck...bright white and adorned with photos of frozen treats, happy music playing,...and then suddenly, a terrifying robotic voice yelling out, "Hello! Hello!" in the hopes of enticing children to come rushing for a popsicle or ice cream cone.
No Bake Creamsicle Cheesecake Pie

I'm quite certain this marketing strategy isn't working out for the ice cream trucks of St. Louis because I have yet to see anyone approach the truck. It's kind of a shame, since some of my greatest childhood summer memories involve desperate pleas to my parents for a spare dollar to splurge on ice cream after dinner.
Maple Whiskey Ice Cream with Candied Bacon

Just because we're avoiding the ice cream truck in our neighborhood doesn't mean we're without ice cream! My ice cream maker gets quite a workout during the summer months, and when I'm not making ice cream I'm finding other no bake frozen desserts to enjoy when the temperatures heat up. Today I've compiled a handful of my old favorites (ice cream with bacon, a creamsicle cheesecake pie, and more!) along with some I found on Foodie that I plan to try in the coming months.

The bonus of making your own frozen desserts? You have plenty to share with your friends...just don't try to entice them with a creepy voice!

Note--This post is sponsored by Foodie, but the collection as well as all thoughts are my own!