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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Odds & Ends

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Odds & Ends | The Sweets Life

1. Woo hoo! I'm officially on vacation!! Blog posts are scheduled as normal, but I'm soaking up the week with Ryan's family in Michigan! You may have seen my question on my Facebook page, but we'll be in the Traverse City area (specifically Shanty Creek)...and I would love any suggestions on things to do / see / eat while we're there!
(image source--dress links in blog post)
2. I'm the first to admit it's ridiculous to spend a ton of money on baby clothing because they grow so stinkin' fast! Thus I've tried to be reasonable about what I buy Brecken and my fingers are crossed that her newest cousin, due in November, is a girl that she can pass things on to! Still, I just about died at some of the dresses on Bubbly and Bean's Summer Baby Dresses. I will not be spending $56 on that arrow dress, much as I love it, but a girl can dream!

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3. Why is it that flat pretzels taste so much better than regular pretzels? Don't get me wrong, I'll take the salty snack any way I can get it...but Pretzel Crisps are my jam, specifically the Everything flavor. I know Pretzel Crisps collaborates with a lot of bloggers and I am not one of them...this isn't sponsored...I just really love these snacks and can't seem to leave Target without a bag in my cart! I'm on the lookout for the Buffalo Wing and JalapeƱo Jack flavors!

Lemon Basil Hummus
4. This Lemon Basil Hummus is posted twice on my blog, a sure sign it's a really good recipe! I recently heard from a reader who told me she makes it for every party she throws because she gets more compliments on it than anything else she makes! If that isn't a winning advertisement, I don't know what is! If your basil plant is anything like mine, you're in dire need of ways to use up basil...try this!

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