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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Odds & Ends

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1. Good Mothers. I'm fortunate to have a really strong support system in other moms. First in my sisters/sisters-in-law, and also in several of wonderful friends. That being said, I'm well aware of how prevalent 'mommy wars' are. This post is a great reminder that while we all make different choices, we're all good mothers!

Seche Vite Top Coat
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2. My bestie Paige recommended the Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat to me and dare I say it's life changing?! I don't have the patience to sit and let my nails dry completely, but I love painting them, so I'm often left with embarrassing smudges and ridges. Not anymore! This stuff literally dries within seconds! (side note--annoyed at how cheap it is on Amazon, considering I paid over double for it at Target!)

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3. I've never been all that interested in molecular gastronomy, but then my mom bought me Life on the Line by Grant Achatz, the famous chef behind Alinea in Chicago, and Nick Kokonas, his business partner. I ate (heh heh) this book up, finding it all so fascinating...from Achatz's culinary background to the process of starting a restaurant to his battle with tongue cancer. I'm now determined to pay a visit to Alinea sometime!

4. I have a really good idea for you. Make the artichoke goat cheese dip, but puree until completely smooth, and then use it as a salad dressing! (you may want / need to add a little water to get it to the thin consistency you're looking for) My mom brought leftover dip to my house when she came to town a few weeks ago and I threw it atop a salad a few days for lunches and it was awesome!...no need to add cheese to your salad, it's already right there in the dressing! 

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