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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer DeLIGHTS...a dozen fresh recipes!

Check out Summer DeLIGHTS...a dozen fresh recipes!
by Natalie McLaury at Foodie.com
I know summer officially began last weekend, but for me it starts this weekend since we're on vacation! To be honest, summer doesn't hold quite the same excitement that it did for me as a kid, since I'm still cooped up in an office for 9ish hours a day. However, even if I can't spend my days hanging out at the pool or riding my bike through the neighborhood after the 4th sleepover in a row with my neighborhood friends, I can still enjoy summer through one of my favorite ways: food! 
Brecken, living the summer life!
Summer produce, summer eating style (aka lots of grilling), summer dining locations (outside!)...I love it all! Today I'm celebrating with a collection I made on Foodie, featuring a dozen recipes that scream summer to me. They're bright and fresh with summer's finest foods (think berries, squash, and a personal favorite, watermelon) but still light, which is what we're usually going for this time of year. 

The collection is a mish-mash of favorites from The Sweets Life (white pesto pizza with tomatoes and basil and healthified zucchini bread, to name a few) as well as recipes I discovered on other blogs that feature summer's finest. Check out the entire collection on Foodie and let me know what your favorite summer recipes are! 

Note--this post is sponsored by Foodie, but the collection was created by me and all thoughts & comments are my own!