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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Odds & Ends

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Odds & Ends | The Sweets Life

1. As someone who considers myself a bit of a homebody and someone who genuinely loves to entertain in my own home, I loved my pastor's blog post How To Leverage Your House. How are you using your space, and how might you use it even more fruitfully?

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2. I bought this KeratinPerfect flat iron via a Living Social deal for just $30 a few weeks ago after my Chi of over 7 years crapped out on me. Valued at 5x that, I figured it had to be halfway decent and if nothing else, at least it was cheap. I'm pleased to say it blew my expectations away! Ryan even complimented me on how "nice and straight" my hair looked one morning last week ;) If you're in the market for a new flat iron, I definitely recommend this one!

Go HERE to see this infographic in a larger form!
3. I saw a few different blog posts about Decide to Drive, a campaign against distracted driving that highlights dangerous activities like texting while driving and am glad to see that this cause is making headlines. Though I won't claim to be perfectly safe when I'm behind the wheel, it's something I've become much more aware of, especially now with Brecken in the car, and I'm determined to practice safe habits. Every single day I see people texting or looking at their phones while driving, and we've seen a lot of close calls when distracted drivers nearly cause accidents. I'm begging you, please put your phones down when you're driving!

Grilled Sourdough Flatbread
4. I've faithfully kept my sourdough starter alive for a few years now, and almost always use it to make pizza dough that I then freeze for whenever the craving strikes (which is often). A few weeks ago I remembered these grilled flatbreads and made a batch, topping them with some fancy salts I have, including a rosemary/sage salt and a paprika salt. I now face an internal conflict every time I pull out the sourdough starter because these flatbreads are so good!

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