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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

White Pesto Pizza with Tomatoes & Basil

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What happens when you send three boys (husband Ryan, brother Quinn, and [almost] brother-in-law Nate) to the grocery store to pick up chicken sausage, green onions, and tomato sauce? They come home with chicken sausage, a green pepper, and tomato paste. One for three, at least, right? My sister Julia and I could only laugh when we unpacked the contents of the Trader Joe's bag.
Our chicken sausage pizza with tomato paste sauce ended up turning out just fine, and I already had all of the ingredients for this white pesto pizza, so it went unharmed! I've gotten into the habit of making at least one batch of sourdough pizza dough a week and sticking it in the freezer. I love having a few balls of pizza dough always on hand to thaw and create a pizza for dinner with whatever we have on hand.
We loved this white pesto pizza, a take on caprese salad with its tomato, basil, and mozzarella components. The dollops of ricotta add some extra cheesy creaminess. If you don't like ricotta, chunks of goat cheese would be similarly divine on there! I made my own pesto, but you can also use the store-bought stuff...just make sure to clearly specify if you ask three males to pick it up for you, lest they come home with alfredo sauce or something ;)

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White Pesto Pizza with Tomatoes & Basil
adapted from Cooking Light March 2011
-1 pizza crust, store bought or homemade (I used homemade sourdough crust, but you could also use this recipe for a 30 min dough!)
-1/4 cup prepared pesto
-1/2 cup shredded mozzarella
-1/2 cup part-skim ricotta cheese
-1/2 cup grape tomatoes, halved
-1/4 tsp black pepper
-1/4 cup basil leaves, chopped

1. Preheat oven to 400F. Line a baking sheet or a pizza stone with parchment paper. Roll out pizza dough over parchment paper and bake for 15 minutes.
2. Remove crust from oven and spread with pesto. Top with mozzarella cheese. Place spoonfuls of ricotta cheese over the crust. Top with tomatoes and bake for an additional 10-20 minutes, until cheese is melted and crust reaches desired crispness.
3. Just before serving, sprinkle pizza with pepper and basil. Cut into slices and serve.