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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Odds & Ends

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1. If you live in St. Louis, near St. Louis, or are visiting St. Louis, check out STL Mag's favorite patios! I am all about outdoor dining and while it listed a few of my favorite patios in the area (Vin de Set, Winslow's Home), it also listed a ton that I need to try!

2. A random Google search recently led me to this Seasonal Produce Guide on Martha Stewart's website, and I'm kind of loving it. Not only does it tell you what's available by season, but it also gives you loads of recipes for each of those ingredients (i.e. 44 blueberry recipes or 76 zucchini recipes). I'm kind of excited to use this as another meal-planning tool!

3. I'm getting better about going back and re-making old favorites from The Sweets Life. One dish I'm dying to remake? This caprese tart with basil-garlic crust. It's one of our summer staples, especially with our crazy large basil plants, and it's begging to be re-photographed!

4. By now you've probably heard that Google Reader is going away TOMORROW. I'm still kind of surprised and will forever miss the ease and simplicity of the reader, but thankfully there are other options. Based on tons of feedback I've read, I'd recommend following The Sweets Life via feedly or bloglovin. Of course, if you haven't been using a reader and instead come straight to the site, please continue doing so, or feel free to subscribe to the daily emails!

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