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Sunday, May 5, 2013

San Antonio Eats

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Last weekend I told you about our time in Austin and this time I'm back to chat all things San Antonio. We were really only here for about a day and a half and because we stayed in a Bed and Breakfast, we did less eating out here. Still, I wanted to share the places we did get to enjoy!

Where We Stayed:

Oge House--Inn on the Riverwalk: Ryan scored two nights at this place courtesy of a Living Social deal and we were blown away by how nice it was. Located in the King William Historic District, the neighborhood was beautiful, the house was gorgeous, and the hosts were friendly. The backyard of the house backed up to the Riverwalk, making it incredibly convenient. We stayed in the Steves room which I would recommend to any future visitors. We also spent a lot of time on the front and back porches, reading and relaxing. Our breakfast each day was good--pancakes, ham, and a poached pear one morning, scrambled eggs with feta and dill, muffins, sausage, and fruit salad the next. Our favorite part was of course the cookie jar...I managed to score the recipe of our favorite cookie and will be sharing it here soon!

Where We Ate:
 Acenar: We arrived at this Tex-Mex restaurant on the Riverwalk positively famished after an afternoon of hiking (more on that below). We liked that it wasn't in the main (read: crazy busy!!) part of the River Walk and that its outdoor seating was up above the sidewalk. The place was hopping on a Sunday night and we had a short wait for seats outside. We started off with prickly pear margaritas and chips and salsa. The chips were pretty bland but the salsa had a nice smokiness to it. For entrees, Ryan ordered the crab tacos and I ordered the fish tacos. I asked for pineapple and avocado to be added to mine and was disappointed to find that they charged us a whopping $3.50 for 3 teeny tiny slivers of avocado. I don't mind paying extra for additions but would've liked a little more for my money. Even so, both of our tacos were excellent and hit the spot.

1919: This lounge was recommended to us by friends and we stopped in before dinner on a Monday night. The bar itself is in kind of a weird location, underneath another restaurant but in a very industrial area. Once inside, however, it's another world, dark and with a large bar. We ordered a few appetizers (mini pickles and peppers stuffed with ricotta and capers), but the drinks were the real hit. Mine featured a basil and corn-infused tequila which sounds crazy but was actually fantastic! Ryan had an old-fashioned of sorts that he was also pleased with--always a success when the cocktail snob approves!

Ocho: I'm so glad this place was recommended to us! It's part of Hotel Havana, a boutique hotel in San Antonio located on the Riverwalk. The restaurant sits high above the water in a glass-enclosed space that was rather beautiful when lit up at night. We split two entrees here: the chopped salad with crab and the hambuergesa torta. These might have been my two favorite entrees of the entire trip!

Amy's Ice Creams: Anyone who has read trip recaps from our other travels know ice cream is a regular occurrence and we couldn't resist stopping here on our final night. The set up is similar to Coldstone and the employees do fancy things like flip your ice cream scoop high into the air. I went simple, mixing the Mexican vanilla (maybe the best vanilla I've ever had?!) with raspberries while Ryan  had the coffee and caramel mocha flavors.

What We Did: 
Hiking in Government Canyon: On our way from Austin to San Antonio we stopped at the Government Canyon State Natural Area to hike on some of their travels. What we intended to be a 1.5 hour hike turned into 3.5 hours of hiking in the hot sun. We may or may not have run out of food and water, but were so distracted watching the trail (it was rocky!!) that we didn't realize how famished we were until our return to the car. I highly recommend heading here to hike--there are a ton of trails so you can hike for as short or as long as you'd like and even though Texas is pretty flat, there was a wide variety of terrains on the different trails (note--it costs $6/person to enter the park).

The Alamo: You can't go to San Antonio without paying a visit to the infamous Alamo. I actually really enjoyed our time here...minus the part where Ryan told me to "remember the Alamo" at least five times. Still, there's a lot to see and read and learn!

Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo: This was undoubtedly Ryan's favorite part of the whole trip. We actually found this via Groupon and joked about visiting the whole trip until Ryan made it clear he really did want to visit! I've never seen so many snakes in my life and was convinced I'd have nightmares! There were at least 50 snakes in cages inside, including the top 10 most venomous snakes in Texas. In addition to the reptiles, there were a bunch of other random animals both inside and out: crocodiles, turtles, emus, longhorns, parrots, and goats, to name a few. We spent almost two hours here and I got a big kick out of watching Ryan take it all in like a little kid ;) 

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