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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Odds & Ends

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1. Remember how I went to Austin and had a few green smoothies, one of which included broccoli? I'm no stranger to green smoothies, starting my weekend mornings off with one stuffed with spinach, but broccoli was new to me. I decided to add some extra green to my smoothies lately, though, and have been adding frozen broccoli and peas in addition to spinach and whatever other fruits, yogurt, flaxseed, etc. that I include. Depending on what else you throw in there, you can't really taste the additional veggies (no, really!). I'll be honest though, sometimes I add half a packet of Crystal Light drink mix to sweeten things up/overpower any vegetable taste. Secrets out...

2. Thanks to a few plane rides recently, I've been ramping up my reading, a hobby I have sadly been way too busy for lately! My most recent finish? The Devil in the White City. Being from Chicago, I had a particular interest in the subject matter, but I honestly think anyone who likes history or architecture or serial killers (err, kidding!), would find this book fascinating! Seriously though, I was highly intrigued by the story of H.H. Holmes, certainly one of the creepiest serial killers I've ever heard of!

3. Once again, I had a reader take my recipe and modify it slightly, enticing me to go back and remake it the new way! Reader Ann recently made my Quinoa Salad with Sweet Potatoes and Apples and dropped in to say "Talk about perfect timing...I had some sweet potatoes I wanted to use and then you posted this. Thank you! It was delicious- the whole family enjoyed it. I added some dried oregano to the dressing, and included feta and walnuts in the salad. Thanks again!" My mom also made it after I posted and gave it rave reviews!

4. I absolutely love pinatas (I may or may not have requested one for my 24th birthday a few years ago) and am dying over this Popsicle Pinata from the Oh Happy Day blog. It's almost too pretty to break...almost..., but the lure of candy would be too great!

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