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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Odds & Ends

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1. I know it's not quite summer, but with it just around the corner, I thought Cooking Light's 75 Tips to Start Your Summer Off Light was fitting. My favorites? Grill your veggies (check!) and Eat to Hydrate (my watermelon obsession works out nicely here!). 

2. I'm sure you've heard of America's Test Kitchen, but did you know they have a radio show? I've been downloading it each week and it's been accompanying me on after-work walks. Each show contains a few different segments, from testing products to recipes to, my personal favorite, answering listeners' food and recipe questions. If you're a food or cooking lover, this is a must listen! 

3. Reader Theresa commented a few weeks ago on the Feta Herb Dip to say, "Just had to let you know that I keep coming back to this dip and every time I make it, it is a hit! My girlfriends and i devoured a dish of it earlier this week (by candlelight no less, as mother nature decided to crash our party and we lost power with that lovely spring storm we had in St. Louis!)!!! Thanks for sharing this yummy recipe :)" I've had a few friends also tell me they make it regularly...have you made it yet?

4. I'm in ORLANDO this weekend with my sister Julia. We're visiting my cousin Ashlyn for a few days and have literally been counting down the days for this girl's trip. We don't get to see Ash nearly as much as we'd like to, but she's one of my very favorite people. I am so thrilled to be hanging out with two of my best friends this weekend and it's only fitting that we're doing it near the happiest place on earth!

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