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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Odds & Ends

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1. Ladies, help me out! I have the terrible problem of getting runs in my tights every.single.time. I wear them. It's ridiculous, and to the point where I can only wear a new pair once (twice if I'm really lucky) before they have a hole in them. I haven't figured out how this is happening...I sit at a desk all day, after all! What tights do you wear? I clearly need some heavy duty ones!

2. I am LOVING this mild December we're having so far. Of course now that I've said that, temperatures will probably drop thirty degrees and I'll be miserable. I know some people are complaining that they're trimming the Christmas tree and it feels like early fall but I will take this for as long as it's willing to stick around.

3. Speaking of Christmas...last weekend I showed you our cute tree skirt and this weekend it's time for more show & tell: Christmas decor edition! I'm loving our mantle this year, mostly thanks to my new Joy to the World banner! We started a new tradition of a post-Thanksgiving Christmas craft, and that was the product of my mom, my sister Julia, and I. I think it might be my most successful craft to date...never mind the fact that I was relegated to the easiest tasks.

4. I found Ali's post on 'How to Create a Blog iPhone App' really helpful. If, for instance, you're looking up The Sweets Life (or any other blog--Ali's is great too!) from your phone and want to go straight to the site, this link explains how to create an "app" on your home screen which will let you do this.

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