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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Shopping with the Red Laser App

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 Who here is done with their Christmas shopping? I finally started--yesterday--and although we still have over two weeks until Christmas, I'm determined to finish in the next week. Scrambling at the last minute for gifts is just not my style!

DailyBuzz Moms (similar to DailyBuzz Food, who I often work with) asked me to review the Red Laser App. First of all, I'm obviously not a mom, but as the oldest of four I've been called "mom" all my life...so I guess that makes me qualified, right? I'd never heard of the Red Laser App but when I saw it was all about helping you shop I quickly downloaded the free app!

The app itself has a number of features. You can browse deals by store and their store listing has just about everywhere I typically shop: Banana Republic, Target, Express, and more. Thanks to the app, I now know that Banana has 15% off of $100 or more at the outlet through the end of February. The Banana outlet is always one of the stores I hit after Christmas, so naturally I've tucked this nugget of information away!
Back to the Christmas shopping, though! You can enter whatever it is you're searching for and it will compare prices at both traditional stores and online. If you are at a store looking at something, you can scan the barcode and see how much its being sold elsewhere. See below, when I searched for a beater blade (highly recommend--I love having a second blade for my KitchenAid and the "scraping" feature on this one is awesome).

The app maintains a history of things you've searching for, making it easy to go back and decide if you really want to go back and buy that drill. It also starts recommending products for you, based on your search history. An app that's going to help me come up with gift ideas?! Count me in!
Perhaps my favorite feature of all is its ability to maintain all of your loyalty card information. I typically avoid signing up for loyalty programs simply because I hate having a cluttered wallet. Now I can take the card, scan its barcode, and the app will house all of the information, meaning I can throw the card away! I tried it with an old American Eagle card I had in my wallet and it immediately shared with me what deals were available at AE and gave me the option to share my card by emailing or texting it to someone. My sister will be thrilled!

I'm glad I was introduced to Red Laser, because I am all about shopping around the find the best price, or the closest place to pick something up...especially when I'm running around like crazy trying to finish buying gifts. I didn't even touch on the other features of the app, such as the ability to write lists, search deals by category, or buy directly from your phone and then pick up at a nearby retailer. Needless to say, this is one app I'll be using even after I complete my Christmas shopping next week!

This post is brought to you by RedLaser. Get the free app at RedLaser.

Note: While I am being compensated by DailyBuzz Moms for this post, all opinions are my own