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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Candy Sushi

For dessert after our sushi dinner with friends, I wanted something fun and relatively light...because I'm always super full after lots of sushi! I've seen this candy sushi floating around the internet from time to time and I always thought it looked awesome, but way too skilled for my unartistic ways :) However, I knew this would be an adorable finish to our meal so I couldn't resist trying them. I'm so glad I did, as they turned out so cute! I wasn't sure how they'd taste--rice krispy treats and gummy worms seems like kind of a weird combo, but it works! These were definitely worth the extra effort and I loved the way they looked on our serving platter! My only regret was that I didn't buy multi-colored swedish fish or fruit by the foot...our dessert sushi was very RED as you can see. Oh well!

-1 batch rice krispy treats (I just followed the recipe on the marshmallow package)
-1 box Swedish Fish candy (preferably multi-colored!)
-1 bag gummy worms
-5-6 individually wrapped fruit by the foot

1. After making rice krispy treats, spread on a large cookie sheet, pressing evenly until there is a thin, even layer.
2. For the sushi "rolls", cut a 1 1/2 in wide section of the rice krispy treat so that you have a long thin rectangle.
3. Place two gummy worms on one end horizontally.
4. Roll the rice krispy treat over the worms until the worms are completely enclosed in the treat.
5. Break this off of the rest of the cut section. Wrap fruit by the foot around the edge. If sushi pieces are too big, use kitchen shears to cut in half.
6. For the swedish fish "sashimi", tear off a small section of the rice krispy treat and shape into a rectangular chunk.
7. Place a swedish fish on top, wrap fruit by the foot around it.
8. Continue until you've run out of ingredients, display on a platter, then enjoy your candy sushi!