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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Finding Time in 2013: Grandma's Apple Pie

apple pie
Grandma's Apple Pie
Popping in on a Sunday this week to share with you this month's "Finding Time in 2013" challenge. I had planned on attempting homemade pasta this month (December! For sure!!), but then we went apple picking and Ryan kept (not so subtly) hinting that I should try making my grandma's apple pie, which is one of his all-time favorite desserts.
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I was really hesitant to give it a try, even though she gave my sister Julia and I lessons a few years ago, in part because I know that my attempt will never live up to hers. Plus, part of the beauty of her pie is the nostalgia that comes with it every time with enjoy it as a family together. Ryan's argument was that I need to start practicing now so that some day when I'm a grandma I can evoke the same feelings amongst my grandchildren. I think really he just wanted apple pie...!
apple pie
With the few garbled notes I had jotted down during our lesson and a few last minute texts to my grandma, I set out to make my pie. I'm actually not sharing the recipe...while there isn't any top-secret method or ingredient, it's still our family's and one I'm not sure I'm allowed to post on the internet ;) I will say that the finished product was close to my grandma's, although not identical. I suppose that's the beauty of the pie, however, and motivation to keep practicing! I think this has been my favorite, and most rewarding!, challenge thus far!
apple pie

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