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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Odds & Ends

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1.  A Facebook friend recently posted a link to this article, 30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself, and I'm willing to bet at least one of them will resonate with at least every single person. In short, find the thing holding you back and STOP doing it!

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2. I go in and out of phases with favorite foods or combinations of foods, but one duo that never strays very far from my diet is yogurt with granola or cereal. I prefer to make homemade granola, but lately I've been taking the easy way out and buying a low-sugar cereal to mix in instead. As for the yogurt, I'm constantly mixing it up, which is why I was thrilled when Yoplait sent me a coupon to try some of their new Yoplait Fruitful yogurts. I love that these yogurts contain real fruit and don't have any artificial sweeteners in them...so while the sugar content is typical of most flavored yogurts, I feel better knowing its coming from the fruit. They have some unique flavors that I haven't seen with other yogurt brands, including mango, pineapple, & orange (a combo), and cherries & red berries. Want to try one of the six flavors of Yoplait Fruitful yogurts for yourself? You can get a coupon and learn more here! Disclosure: Yoplait provided me with complimentary samples of Fruitful yogurt, but all opinions are my own.

Tracy Anderson DVD
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3. I have to introduce you guys to the newest inclusion in my workout routine: Tracy Anderson's Mat Workout DVD. My mom brought it on vacation and we spent a quick 10 minutes each day doing the arms portion. To be honest, I don't ever do the full video. Her video style is...interesting, and I'm not doing it for the sexy dancing. However, the legs portion with the chair (minutes 6-20) and the arms portion (with and without weights--minutes 25-40ish) are well worth the $10 cost of the video.  Tracy recommends doing the video 4-6 times a week for best results. I'm aiming for hitting that target and I've been doing it pretty consistently for about a month now. It's a low impact workout (lots of pulses and repeated movements), but I swear it's keeping my arms and legs toned. (Note--she doesn't give a lot of cueing in her videos which is fine when you do it regularly, but be prepared to be confused the first few times!)

quinoa salad
4. When September hits, I start to introduce a lot more sweet potatoes into my diet. This summer in particular I hardly had them, so I'm excited to go to town on them this season! I can't wait to make this Quinoa Salad with Sweet Potatoes, Butternut Squash, Kale, Red Onion, and Cranberries

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