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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Odds & Ends

1. From Worry to Work, courtesy of our rather awesome pastor. A snippet: "While it's prudent to prepare for the future, it's too easy for healthy planning to slip into worry.  Then we find ourselves living in the future, consumed with what will be instead of what is.  We miss life in the present tense because we're rushing ahead to live in the future." 

2. I'm not a sparkling water fan at all. Ryan loves the stuff so I buy it for him occasionally and always take a sip thinking I'll have changed my mind. Nope. This Sparkling Ice, on the other hand? All over it. I used to always get it when flying from Seattle to St. Louis, because it's sold in the airport cafe where I always grab breakfast. I recently discovered it at a local grocery store and now I can't resist treating myself to a bottle every once and awhile. I'm partial to the kiwi strawberry, but haven't tried many of the varieties that you see above...dying to find the coconut pineapple!

3. We might be a little behind the curve here (okay, a lot behind the curve), but we're finally hooked on Downton Abbey. It took me a good four episodes to get into it (I couldn't keep the characters straight at first!), but now we're flying through the seasons. The real shocker is that I'm watching completely distraction-free. I almost always multitask while watching TV or movies, but this show forces me to sit still and pay attention...which is admittedly good for me!

4. Do yourself a favor and make this peach, avocado, arugula panzanella salad while peaches are still in season!
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