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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Odds & Ends

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1. Thoughts by Natalie is a new to me blog (thanks Madison!), and I don't just like it because of her name ;) I've been digging into the archives and read her post on redefining beauty on just the day I needed to hear those words. Every female should give it a read!

2. Have you made these cinnamon sugar pretzels yet? You're four ingredients and thirty minutes away from your new favorite snack. Trust me!

 3. I mentioned my partnership with Cooking Light, and how I'm one of their featured bloggers....well, they've created a few Pinterest boards for their bloggers to pin to. I'm loving the Fun Foods board--so many creative and interesting ideas on there! Follow me on Pinterest here (I don't use it nearly as much as I'd like--I need more hours in the day--but I love using it to keep track of ideas!)

4. My mom bought me these canisters from Pier 1 for Christmas (flour and sugar only). I absolutely love them. Not only do they look pretty on my countertop, but they have such a wide opening that I'm no longer spilling flour and sugar everywhere as I try to maneuver the measuring cup in and out of the canister. They fit a ton in them as well, which means I no longer have half-filled bags of flour or sugar hanging out in my pantry. My next plan is to get two more for brown sugar and whole wheat flour! You probably need them too..and they're on sale right now!

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