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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Odds & Ends

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1. I'm thankful for friends that make recipes off of The Sweets Life and invite me over to enjoy them. I don't remake recipes all that often, even my favorites, so I was thrilled to go over to my friend Maggie's recently and chow down on Buffalo Chicken Cheese Bites and Southwest Potato Nachos. Ultimate party foods, both of them!

2. A month or two ago, Champion sent me two sports bras. They've done enough reading of The Sweets Life to notice I have a thing for fitness and offered to send the Sweetheart and the Custom Criss-Cross (below). I was already a huge fan of Champion's sports bras...I have a hard time resisting a new one each time I'm at Target! They're the most comfortable I've encountered and I love that they come in neon colors! Champion has recently rolled out a new website that includes a bra finder to help you find which one of their many sports bras is best for you...check it out! Also--stay tuned for an upcoming Champion giveaway!

3. We've been to Taste for Happy Hour a few times in the past several weeks. This is THE place for cocktails in St. Louis and while we occasionally fork over the $10 / drink, it's nice to go on Mondays for their $6 classic cocktails. My obsession as of late? El Diablo: Milagro Blanco Tequila, Briottet Cassis Liqueur, Lime, Ginger Beer. Perfect summer cocktail! St. Louisans (or those in town for a visit)--don't miss out on this place! (I reviewed some of their food in this post)

4. I was recently introduced to the magic that is Schwarzkopf Dust It. I hate my hair, pretty much always have, but this magic dust has allowed me to at least tolerate it lately. It's a dream for those who have fine, flat hair (aka ME). Best $10 I've spent lately! Thank you Heidi for the recommendation!
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