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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Very Special Birthday

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“Wow! Ryan is so lucky!” That’s one of the first things people always say when they discover The Sweets Life and see the sheer amounts of and diversity of food coming out of our kitchen on a regular basis. I never really know what to say to that. "Yes, yes he is." (?!) "Thank you." (?!) I mean, yes, I suppose by comparison to some, he is pretty lucky. That is, if you’re okay with rarely eating the same meal twice (no matter how much you liked it the first time!) and always waiting an extra five minutes for your food while your wife takes it outside to snap a photo of it. 

The truth, however, is that I am so lucky, although I prefer to use the word blessed. Blessed to have a husband who does not complain when I need him to rush out to the grocery store mid-recipe. Blessed to have a husband who supports my hobbies enough to let me buy a brand new computer when his is the older Mac. Blessed to have a husband who steps up to do the dishes and wipe down the kitchen counters after Hurricane Sweets Life has swept through. Blessed to have a husband who will pitch in and cook on that night when I just. can’t. step foot in the kitchen. 

He might be lucky, but I am blessed! 

Today we’re celebrating that blessing, all twenty-six years of him! Unfortunately, he’s in Boston for business. No worries-there will be plenty of celebrating to come!

In Ryan’s honor, a few of his favorite recipes from The Sweets Life (accompanied by some of my favorite [awkward] pictures of the guy)…

(He hasn't turned down any ice cream I've offered thus far, but this one was a particular favorite!)

(I never expected him to like this as much as he did!)

(I've made a few versions since this verrrry old recipe, but he still claims these are his favorite!)

(He'll pick seafood over steak or chicken any day!)

(Last year's birthday dessert! Probably one of the prettiest recipes on here!)

(Ryan asks for these year round!)

(The boy eats more salsa than anyone I know...and if he had his pick, it'd always be this version!)

Happy Birthday to my most precious blessing! Here's to many more years of celebrating your life, preferably with good food!

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