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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chobani Review #2 & Vacation Help Needed!

(Like the new design? I was SO sick of tired of my old one and so Paige, aka most awsome friend ever, got busy creating a new header for me. Pretty good for a procurement agent, huh? ;) While I love the new look, I finally decided to jump the gun and hire someone to create me a completely unique blog design. This is all currently in the works, but in the meantime, enjoy this fun little template change.)

Way back in November, I posted a review of Chobani greek yogurt, after Shari sent me several flavors to try. A few weeks ago, Shari proved her awesomeness once again and sent the two newest flavors for me to try: strawberry banana and raspberry. I did not take pictures of either unfortunately, because I ate them both at my desk at work, where cameras are most definitely NOT allowed. Check out Chobani's website for pictures and specific information on each yogurt.

If you read my previous review, you know that I fell in love with greek yogurt, specifically Chobani. Since then, I've been eating all types of yogurt (greek, regular, organic, etc.)...basically whatever is cheapest! Lately, I've really been digging plain old yogurt, as in no added flavor whatsoever. As a result, my tastebuds were a little shocked with the addition of flavors. Of the two, I preferred the raspberry. It genuinely tasted like raspberry but wasn't overly sweet. The strawberry banana, while good, had a bit of a confusing taste. Had I been blindfolded, I don't think I could have determined its flavor. I ate this one first and was a bit overwhelmed by the sweetness, probably because I was so accustomed to plain. That being said, I'd gladly eat both again and again. I'm a huge proponent of greek yogurt, primarily because of its thick texture and stellar nutritional stats. If you haven't had the chance to try it yet, pick up some Chobani (these two new flavors, on shelves soon, and all others!) and see what you think!

And now, because I know there are more of you reading my blog than commenting each day, I'm hoping to solicit some help and advice from you...specifically any readers who either live in Arizona or have visited Arizona. Soon Ryan and I are headed to Scottsdale along with another couple for a week of much-needed vacation. We have a couple of ideas about what we want to see and do, but are looking for suggestions on where to EAT. We're staying in a condo for the week and will do some of our own cooking, but also want to try some of the local fare. Sara has been gracious enough to share some of her favorite places to go in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area, and I'm looking for even more suggestions so we have lots to choose from! We'll be in Scottsdale/Phoneix most of the week we're gone, but also plan to head north to the Grand Canyon (perhaps Sedona too?) and south to Tuscon at some point. Please please leave me comments on your favorite places to eat...we're looking for anything and everything. Ideally we'll eat at a few hole in the wall places but will also be treating ourselves to some nicer meals. If you have any must-see/must-do tips, share those as well!

THANKS in advance for your help!