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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Odds & Ends

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odds & ends

1. How to Talk to Your Daughter about Her Body. I've succumbed to "fat talk" and negative thoughts about my body in the past, but it's something I've really worked to overcome the past few years. Life is too short to obsess over something so futile. Now that I have a daughter, I'm that much more aware of the way I treat and talk about my body. I never ever want her to think she's anything less than beautiful, but I know how easy it is to get caught up in our current society's opinion of how one should look. I appreciate articles like the one I linked to because it's a good reminder of how we can change the way things are, even if only within our own families! 

glass water bottle
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2. My mom bought me an Ello Glass Water Bottle (they sell them at Target!) for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I sometimes struggle to drink plain water throughout the day, but it's so important to stay hydrated while nursing and I don't know if it's the way the water tastes in the glass bottle, the pretty pink color of the one I have, or the fact that I can lug it around and not worry about it breaking when I drop it, but it motivates me to drink a lot more water!  

Running Capris

3. I've mentioned multiple times on this blog about my affinity for Champion workout clothing. There are a lot of brands I love when it comes to "activewear", but you cannot beat the price and quality of Champion's stuff, and I'm discovering that with each new collection of stuff, they come out with better designs and colors! They recently sent me a few new pieces to try, including the Performax JacketMarathon Sports Bra, and Performax Knee Tight (modeled by yours truly above). I got a medium in all three and each fit perfectly. I liked the fun colors of the capris, especially since I'm usually boring and stick to basic black. They're cute enough to wear out and about, or on a run! As for the bra...without being too TMI here, I have had to sometimes double up on sports bras post-pregnancy when running, but that isn't the case with this marathon sports bra! Champion would like to send one of YOU their new marathon sports bra. For a chance to win, leave a comment on this post letting me know which form of exercise you're most into these days. You have until Tuesday, March 11th at 8 pm to enter, at which point I'll use Random Number Generator to select and contact a winner!
Thanks to those of you that entered...the winner (Commenter #2--Joanne--has been picked and contacted!).
portobello pineapple burgers
Portobello Pineapple Burgers and Fries with Teriyaki Ketchup
4.  WHY has it been almost an entire year since I've made the Portobello Pineapple Burgers and Fries with Teriyaki Ketchup?! They were one of my favorite creations last year! I'm making these again ASAP and you should too!

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