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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Our Gender Neutral Nursery

gender neutral nursery
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gender neutral nursery
I wrote this post before we knew Brecken would be making an early arrival last weekend! However, it doesn't change the fact that we designed the nursery to be ready to welcome a baby boy or a baby girl...though now that she's here, it does feel like the room is so "her" :) Enjoy the pictures!

giraffe quilt

Instead of doing a regular Odds & Ends post today, I thought I'd share pictures of our gender neutral nursery. One of the biggest questions I would get whenever we mentioned that we weren't finding out Baby McLaury's gender was "But how will you decorate the nursery?" Then again, these people don't know my mom or my sister...both of whom have a creative eye for decorating, far beyond what I am capable of.
gray nursery

gender neutral nursery
stuffed giraffegray orange blue nursery
I actually love our turquoise, orange, and gray nursery. It's just the right mix of fun and winsome and playful, without screaming boy OR girl. Let it be known that I can really take no credit for much of the design here. Ryan and I offered up opinions here and there, but for the most part I trust my mom enough and have seen enough of her 'work' to know I didn't have to worry. She came in December to paint the room (you don't even want to see the sad before pictures!) and I handed over my credit card and let her go to town finding accessories to tie the room together.
closet changing table

painted table
Ryan gets credit for putting up with a pregnant wife who wanted it all done yesterday, and he spent many hours painting the dresser, the table, and the rocking chair. My sister Julia surprised me with the painted giraffe at one of my baby showers, and my sister-in-law Katelyn blew me away with her sewing skills and took care of making a cover for the footrest cube and pads for our rocking chair.
orange and blue wall art
The only thing left to do, decorating-wise, is add a few more pictures or wall art near the "Smile Play, etc." sign and hang bunting with baby's name over the crib (edited to add: Brecken's bunting is in work!). I'll come back and update with more pictures when we get around to it! If you have any questions about where we got stuff or how we did anything, please email me at natalie@thesweetslife.com!

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