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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dating in 2014: Serendipity Ice Cream

When we went out for ice cream on February 1st, we didn't know that would be our last pre-baby "date", although we figured it was a possibility. After spending Saturday February 1st running (yes, I ran 4 miles the day before my daughter was born), shopping, and cooking. In other words, it had basically been my perfect day, and the only way to make it more perfect was to finish the evening with ice cream!
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Around 8:00 pm, we dragged ourselves up off the couch and I even changed out of the sweatpants I'd spent the last few hours in. We made the quick jaunt over to Serendipity Ice Cream (you might recognize the name from my January date post at Five Star Burgers!), despite the freezing rain and frigid temperatures. The weather might be inconveniencing a lot of things for me this winter, but I refuse to let it get in the way of my ice cream and me!
serendipity st louis
After sampling at least five different flavors and annoying the heck out of the poor worker who wanted to finish cleaning up and get the heck out of there, I finally settled on Cherry Bordeaux and Maple Pecan in a cake cone. It was kind of an unusual order for me; rarely do I gravitate to the fruity ice creams, and the maple pecan was just kind of random. I suppose it was fitting for the unusual next few days we were about to encounter!
Awkward selfie...totally clueless I was going into labor in a few minutes!
Ryan and I sat in the back room at Serendipity, eating our ice cream and chatting about an assortment of things. Despite the fact that baby's arrival was impending, we actually didn't talk about it that much, instead discussing the upcoming Olympics, our jobs, and other random topics. That is, until I was finishing up my cone and began to notice regular contractions! I'd felt crampy several times that week, but this was the first time I recognized a definite start and stop to them. 
Cautiously optimistic that this was the real thing, we finished up our final pre-baby date and less than twenty-four hours later, Brecken Marie had arrived!

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