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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Easy Meals for College Students

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(Quinn, on the left, and his best friend and roommate Jay, who isn't as tiny as this picture makes him seem!)

When my brother Quinn lived in St. Louis this summer, he mentioned that he'd like to learn to cook in preparation for living off campus his junior year of college. That idea apparently fell by the wayside and he much preferred to simply show up each evening and be served dinner. I don't blame him! Now he's living on his own in a house full of guys with no meal plan, and he's requested a blog series in which I feature meals that would be simple enough for him. I have plans to share a few recipes with him (and all of you!) in the weeks to come, but wanted to also point him in the direction of several simple meals already found on The Sweets Life.

Whether you're a college student cooking in your own kitchen for the first time with minimal equipment or you're just looking for some simple meals, these are for you!

Orange BBQ Chicken, Pineapple, and Vegetable Kebabs : These kebabs take a little bit of assembly, but don't require a lot of ingredients. You can easily switch up the vegetables on here and if you don't have a grill, this article tells you how to cook kabobs in your oven.

Turkey Tacos: As long as you have a pan to brown the meat in, you have enough kitchen tools to make these! Ground beef can easily be substituted for the turkey if you prefer.

White Chicken Chili: There are only five steps in this recipe and one of them is "ladle into bowls and serve". You can buy a rotisserie chicken if you don't want to precook any chicken which makes this chili even easier!

Ham, Cheddar, and Apple Paninis: We love paninis for easy meals, but don't dismiss this suggestion if you don't have a panini press! You can make them on the stovetop, just as you would a grilled cheese. They won't be as "pressed", but you can't ever go wrong with a warm sandwich and melty cheese! Even better, you can use just about any combination of ingredients in a sandwich-pick your favorite!

Meaty Bolognese Sauce: Make a big batch of this meaty red sauce (skip the prosciutto to keep things simple) and serve it with your favorite pasta shape!

Here's a start for you Quinn! More ideas to come...

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