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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Flip It Pan Review & a Giveaway!

Tomorrow: the Cork & Fork recipe posts begin! Until then, enjoy this review & giveaway...

A few weeks ago, Jennifer from Dupont and Teflon contacted me and invited me to review a Flip It Pan. I had seen the pan on Baked Bree and was intrigued to give it a try for myself. When the pan arrived, I checked out the directions and added omelets to the menu. While the Flip It Pan is mainly used to make the perfect pancake, it has many other uses, including omelets, french toast, and crepes. We set out to make our omelets one night and, in typical Natalie fashion, I forgot to grease the pan as recommended. Mistake #1. Mistake #2 was failing to read the part of the directions that warned to keep the heat much lower if using a gas stove. Double oops. As a result, the first omelet came out a little browned and undercooked in the middle. Still edible, I enjoyed my omelet while Ryan gave #2 a go. His omelet came out much more attractively and he dug in.

Our first experience with the Flip It pan was so-so. However, we chalk it up to user error (read: mistake #1 and #2). The pan is definitely nice when you are only making one omelet and don't want to worry about fighting your omelet with a spatula and accidentally destroying your omelet (or is that just me?!). It takes longer to cook in the Flip It Pan than in a regular skillet, but the resulting shape is perfect. The pan also comes with an insert that impresses a shape on whatever you're making. Who doesn't love a flag imprint on their meal?! :)

Because the Flip It pan is primarily used for pancakes, I decided to give those a shot as well. I whipped up some trusty Trader Joe's pancake mix and preheated my pan. This time I remembered to grease the pan...but failed to remember the heat tip. I know, I know! Thankfully, a crisped edge pancake never hurt anyone, and Ryan still ate his pancake.

Again, the pan takes a little longer to make a pancake in than on a standard skillet where you can make several at once. However, the perfect shape and fluffy texture might be worth the extra minutes. Thanks Teflon for letting me try the pan--next up I plan to attempt french toast in there...and I WILL keep the heat on low!

Interested in a Flip It Pan of your own? Maybe you can teach me a few tricks! Leave a comment on this post sharing your favorite pancake or omelet recipe and I'll enter you in the giveaway to win your own Flip It. For a second entry, tweet about this contest and leave a comment that you did so. Enter by midnight on Saturday (9/4) and I'll pick a random winner Sunday and announce it in my post on Monday!

Extra: Want another way to win a Flip It or some Teflon cookware? Teflon was included on "The Balancing Act" on Lifetime TV. It has already aired, but is being re-aired on September 3. The prize package and sweepstakes can be found here: http://www.thebalancingact.com/sweepstakes 

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