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Friday, September 17, 2010

Copycat Egg McMuffin

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We're in Boston--a place we've been looking forward to visiting for so long! Today, enjoy this breakfast recipe from my favorite co-chef: Maggie!

If you take a look at the breakfast recipes posted on this blog, nearly all of them fall on the sweeter side. It's no coincidence; I almost always choose sweet over savory. These Egg McMuffins, reminiscent of what you can order in the McDonalds drive-thru, may have changed that.

I think I've had a McMuffin from McDonalds maybe once in my life, if that. Because of that, I can't tell you how these compare to the "real deal"....but I am 100% sure that these blow those out of the water. These are the creation of my friend Maggie, who whipped these up for breakfast one morning when we were in Chicago for our Cork & Fork dinner.

Who knew such simple ingredients could produce such magic when combined?! Call me overdramatic, but we went crazy for these. The bacon she used was from Wisconsin and made the sandwich. I recommend using high quality bacon in these. As for cheese, we went with a shredded Mexican blend, but you could use whatever you preferred.

Move over pancakes (for now), I'll take an Egg McMuffin!

Maggie, did I get the recipe right? Let me know if not :)

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Copycat Egg McMuffin
recipe by Maggie
*for 2 sandwiches

-2 english muffins
-3 eggs
-cheese (whatever kind you want!)
-4 slices of bacon

1. In a small bowl, crack the 3 eggs and beat. Pour into a small heated skillet and allow to cook through until set. Flip and allow the opposite side to cook.
2. In a separate skillet, fry bacon.
3. When eggs have cooked through, remove from skillet and cut into 2 pieces. Fold each half of the egg piece in half.
4. Top english muffins (toasted if desired) with egg, bacon, and cheese.
5. Serve immediately (can also be wrapped and stored in the refrigerator, then reheated in the microwave).