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Monday, June 14, 2010

Stone Hearth Inn Pretzel Dip

This recipe comes from a place called Stone Hearth Inn. What Stone Hearth Inn is, or where it is, is unknown to me. My google search came up fruitless, so you can come up with your own idea of Stone Hearth Inn. Me? I'll picture it as a small bed and breakfast set in Charleston, South Carolina. This pretzel dip is part of their late extensive spread they set out during their complimentary happy hour each afternoon. Served with honey wheat pretzels, this is a guest favorite!

All imagining aside, this dip is another great party appetizer. With a kick from the horseradish and a mustardy flavor, it's the perfect accompaniment to pretzels. Enjoy making this, and making up Stone Hearth Inn stories along with it :)

Stone Hearth Inn Pretzel Dip

-8 oz. sour cream
-8 Tbsp mayo
-6 Tbsp yellow mustard
-8 Tbsp miracle whip
-1 package dry hidden valley dressing
-1/8 cup sugar
-2 tsp horseradish
-1 tsp minced onion

1. Mix all ingredients well. Refrigerate at least 2 hrs. Serve with pretzels.