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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Odds & Ends

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odds ends

1. 16 Signs You're a Little (Or a Lot) Type A. Yup, like it or not, this is me to a T!

2. I've already been insanely excited about the fact that Baby McLaury has a cousin just six months older (Eoin, pronounced Owen, is Ryan's brother's son)...and that excitement doubled when my sister Julia gave me the onesie you see on the left, above, announcing her pregnancy. She's due in June, less than four months after me, and I cannot wait to have housefuls of babies on both sides of the family (and believe me, neither can the grandparents!).

rachael ray magazine

3. If you happen to browse through the latest issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray, you just might notice a familiar name on page 48. I was honored when the magazine asked to feature my Green Bay Packer Snackadium along with a few others in their January/February issue. I know the bigger bloggers see their name in print all the time, but for me this was pretty neat!

egg casserole

4. A few weeks ago we had my cheddar, bacon, and spinach egg casserole for brunch and I remembered why it's one of my favorites. It's healthier than a lot of egg dishes you'll find out there and it's bread-free, meaning you can save your carb calories for muffins or scones or danish on the side!

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