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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Odds & Ends

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odds & ends

1. The Single Most Powerful Question You Can Ask. I've read most, if not all, of Donald Miller's books and I love the way he pushes buttons in people and spurs them toward action...all in an attempt to live better stories. This blog post by him gets the ball rolling!
(throw, slippers, robe)

2. I'm a huge lover of all things soft and cozy, especially around this time of year. Every evening after work you can find me curled up in comfy clothing and under a large blanket...it's pretty much the only way I survive winter! My friends and family know me well--all of the above were Christmas gifts and I'm obsessed with all three. I couldn't have asked for softer or warmer gifts in the Pottery Barn throw, Restoration Hardware slippers, and Gap Body robe!

3. We are inching closer and closer to Baby McLaury's due date (Feb 16th!) and I'm spending a lot more time focusing on preparations for that major event and less time on cooking. I'm guessing this will likely be the theme once he or she arrives, at least for awhile, so I was thrilled when Cuisine Solutions sent me a few of their prepared meals to sample. You guys know me, and I'm not one to buy frozen meals...but I have to say these exceeded expectations! We tried both the chicken marsala and the lamb shanks (pictured above) and were impressed by how fresh and natural these tasted. Paired with a quick homemade side or two, it was a much better option than takeout or PB&J. They're a bit pricy, but you clearly get what you pay for, and I wouldn't be above using them from time to time (found online and at stores like Costco and Whole Foods).

Snack Bars

4. I've had more new savory recipes on the blog than sweet recipes, although it's not because I'e suddenly given up dessert or anything crazy like that. Rather, I've been going back and making a few of my favorites. Most recently, I whipped up a batch of these Snack Bars, using a mix of peanut butter and regular M&Ms. They are utterly addicting, perfectly chewy, and best of all, don't require the use of the oven! Find a reason to make them and if you're worried about eating the entire pan, share them or stick half the batch in the freezer!

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