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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Finding Time in 2013 Challenge Wrap-Up

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apple pie
Dropping in on a rare Sunday to wrap up the our Finding Time in 2013 challenge because I'll be back on January 1st to introduce our 2014 challenge!

This is the fourth year I created some sort of challenge for us (see: Twelve in Ten, Best of 2011, and 2012: Eat & Repeat), but as I explained in the introductory post, I didn't want it to be bogged down with self-imposed rules or regulations that stressed me out. Instead, it was supposed to be about making time for things we wanted to try, both in the kitchen and around St. Louis, without feeling obligatory.
where the wild things are cake
Overall, I'd say we succeeded...so much so that I didn't even post anything in December. I had a few ideas in mind for what I wanted to make, but instead I worried less about making something challenging or unique in the kitchen and more about spending time with our friends and family. I have the rest of my life to try new things in the kitchen, but I can't get back precious evenings with those I love! 
January through November were a different story, however:

January: Rooster Cafe
February: King Cake
March: Pastaria
April: Cream Puffs
May: Olio
June: Where the Wild Things Are Shower (working with fondant)
July: Fozzie's Sandwich Emporium 
August: St. Louis Food Media Forum
September: Meskerem Ethiopian Restaurant
October: Grandma's Apple Pie
November: Sidney Street Cafe

Another year of trying new things in the kitchen and discovering new favorites in St. Louis...here's to more of the same in 2014!