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Monday, September 19, 2011

Cake Batter Rice Krispie Treats

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The cake batter craze continues. I purchased another box to make a few more batches of Cake Batter Ice Cream (still the most popular ice cream flavor to come from my kitchen), and couldn't resist trying another cake batter goody. On par with the pancakes, the flavor in these is not nearly as noticeable as, say, the cake batter blondies (a MUST make!). Even so, you'll find that they provide a fun little punch to your typical rice krispie treats.

I was actually disappointed in my first batch, which completely lacked any cake batter flavor. I added additional batter the second time around, but am tempted to try a third just to see if the flavor becomes even more pronounced. The addition of sprinkles makes these extra fun--don't sprinkles just make everything happier?!

Pick up a box of cake mix and give these (or one of the other cake batter recipes) a try. I still have a few more uses in mind for my box!

{Looking for other kicked up rice krispie treats? How about cookies and cream or scotcheroos?!}

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Cake Batter Rice Krispy Treats
slightly adapted from How Sweet It Is 
-3 tbsp butter
-1 (10 oz.) bag of mini marshmallows
-3/4 cup Funfetti cake mix
-6 cups rice krispies cereal
-1 (1.75 oz.) container of sprinkles

1. In a large saucepan over low heat, melt butter. Add marshmallows, stirring until completely melted. Stir in cake mix to combine completely.
2. Remove mixture from heat and stir in cereal, mixing to coat well. Add half of the sprinkles to the mix.
3. Press into a greased baking dish (8 or 9 inch square pans yield the best treats in terms of thickness). Top with remaining sprinkles. Allow to sit for 30 minutes before cutting into squares.