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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Italian Pasta Salad

This is a great meal for your summer picnics or potlucks. The ingredients and their amounts can easily be altered according to tastes and preferences and the dish can be made up to a day in advance (and in fact tastes better when you do so). I've made this to serve a crowd when volunteering at the Ronald McDonald house and, most recently, for our friends who just had a baby (remember when I made these cupcakes for her shower??). Aside from the chopping, it's a pretty quick recipe to throw together...my favorite kind!

Italian Pasta Salad
amounts according to your preference

-pasta (I've used bowtie, rotini, and this time spaghetti, broken into thirds)
-Italian dressing
-black olives
-shredded cheese

1. Cook pasta according to directions. Drain and allow to cool.
2. Chop all meats, vegetables, and herbs. Toss with cooled pasta.
3. Add Italian dressing and mix to combine. Stir in cheese just before serving.