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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Odds & Ends

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1. I Need to Rest. Best part of this? "I need to see rest as a priority and not a luxury." Amen. I am so guilty of going, going, going, but I am working hard to be intentional about rest because it makes me a better mother, wife, and all-around person!

2. Happy birthday to my sweet Grandma! We have the privilege of being with her (see #3!) and I couldn't be more excited...isn't it always better to wish someone happy birthday in person?!

3. It's a day of lots of celebration because we're also celebrating my cousin Ashlyn's bridal shower today! She's more sister than cousin and to say I'm excited to stand up as co-matron of honor in her wedding in October is an understatement! We're throwing her a Pop Clink Fizz! Kate Spade-themed shower today which is perfect for our Ash!

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4. Looking for a great fajita marinade? We made chicken and steak fajitas a few weekends ago and used this grilled skirt steak marinade...it was super easy and definitely one I'd use again! Can you ever go wrong with fajitas and margaritas?! (NO)

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