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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Odds & Ends

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1. You're Not Giving Yourself Enough Credit. "In the end, our lives are not measured by the accomplishments. They are measured by the little steps and decisions we make every day." 
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2. Last summer I read and recommended the book The Fault in Our Stars, and this summer I'm recommending the movie! I think it's the best book to movie adaptation I've ever seen and I was impressed by how well the moviemakers captured the story exactly as I'd pictured it! Like in the book, be prepared with lots of tissues...I cried through most of the second half of the movie!

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3. Are you following me on Goodreads? I've been reading a bit more frequently lately and try to be good about rating my reads. I've read a few 'meh' books lately, but I did enjoy Delancey, Molly Wizenberg's latest memoir about opening their first restaurant in Seattle (if you haven't noticed, I like most books about the food / restaurant industry!). I go to Seattle quite a bit for work and get pizza almost every time (Serious Pie!), but after reading all about Delancey, I'm dying to try it next time I'm there! 
Extra Crumb Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake
4. At brunch a few weeks ago, I was reaching for my second large piece of coffee cake when I asked my friend Sara if I could have the recipe...turns out it was my very own Extra Crumb Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake! I guess I don't need the recipe...I just need to make it again, and you probably do too!

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