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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Photo An Hour: Road Trip Style

 How does one handle a 14+ hour road trip? We frequently made the drive between St. Louis and Chicago, but 4.5 hours is nothing compared to the trek east to Kiawah Island (Charleston), South Carolina. Though Ryan's and I have driven to Charleston before, it was the second stop on our road trip route, meaning we had a few days in Nashville before continuing the journey.
 This time, we had only one destination in mind. To keep myself occupied, I decided to take a photo each hour of the trip. We set out at 4 pm from St. Louis, with Julia and Nate in our rented minivan, and found ourselves at our rented house in Kiawah around 3 pm the following day (this was with an [undocumented] several hour sleep in Knoxville, TN!).
 The hours actually passed fairly quickly (much more so than the ride home, when we did it all in one fell swoop!), in part because we were so excited about what was ahead!
 Anyway, I thought I'd change things up today and share those photos with you...enjoy the insight into our marathon road trip!

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