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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Turkey Burger Sliders

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My "real" job, as in the one I spend 40+ hours a week out of the house at, and my blog job don't overlap very often. I love both and work very hard at both, but I typically keep them in their separate spheres, with a few exceptions (such as wooing Ryan's coworkers with leftover baked goods--we work at the same company, and chatting with a few close work friends about blog happenings). A few months ago my manager discovered my blog, via another co-worker, and put me in touch with his wife, who was in the beginning stages of starting her own food-themed blog.

Karen and her brother Kevin have started Extraordinary BBQ, a blog featuring all things BBQ, from recipes to grilling tips to information about BBQ competitions. A frequent competitor himself, Kevin is a wealth of BBQ knowledge to share and Karen mans all of the 'behind the scenes' blog work (can we talk about how sweet of a deal this is?! As a blogger, I can appreciate the fact that someone's doing all of those little things!).
Anyway, long story short is that it's been a blast getting to know my manager's wife (who actually isn't my manager anymore, given a recent job change I made at work) and bouncing blog ideas back and forth. I was eager to give one of their recipes a try, especially after drooling over post after post of smoked meat fresh off the grill! Although I have every intention of giving some of their true "BBQ" recipes a try, I started with something a little more familiar: turkey burgers. We love turkey burgers and I'm always looking for new ways to flavor them. I was particularly intrigued by the use of maple syrup in this one, something I'd never seen before!

These did not disappoint one bit! I loved the slightly sweet undertone that the maple syrup gave the burgers and the added moisture it provided made these anything but dry or flavorless. We topped ours with muenster cheese and roasted red pepper relish from these goat-cheese stuffed burgers (another favorite!) and had teriyaki pasta salad (without the chicken) on the side. The perfect spring/summer meal! Next time you're planning to grill out turkey burgers, remember the tip from Extraordinary BBQ and get out your maple syrup!

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Turkey Burger Sliders
from Extraordinary BBQ

-1 lb ground turkey
-1/2 tbsp garlic powder
-1/2 tbsp onion powder
-2 tsp worcestershire sauce
-1 tsp soy sauce
-salt & pepper to aste
-2 tbsp maple syrup

1. Add all ingredients to a large bowl and mix carefully to combine contents.
2. Shape mixture into patties (4-5).
3. Grill burgers for 10-15 minutes, flipping only once.
4. Remove from grill and serve as desired.