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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Recipe Rewind: Pumpkin Cookies, Wild Rice Soup, & Apple Dumplings

This little blog has come a long ways in the last 13 months or so. In fact, for the first several months of its existence, I think few people besides Ryan, my mom, and my grandma were reading. Hopefully if you're a regular reader now you've taken some time to check out the archives and see what's all out there (I still plan to get a recipe index page created one of these days!). Today I want to highlight three recipes that I've recently remade and that absolutely need to be shared again. I rarely remake a recipe, no matter how much I like it because I'm so excited to try new things...so the fact that these are being made again and reappearing on the blog guarantees their excellence! Unfortunately, none of the foods are all that pretty to photograph, so you'll just have to trust me that they are better than their pictures suggest!

First up are my all-time favorite pumpkin cookies. While the new pumpkin cookies I tried this Fall were great, they still can't compare to these! One batch makes a TON, which you won't complain about. Their taste and texture are absolutely perfect. This time, I made them with dark chocolate chips, which was a fabulous substitution for the semi-sweet.
(all wrapped up and ready to be a part of the Foodie Gift Exchange at the Foodbuzz Festival!)

Next up is creamy wild rice soup. The picture below was the soup on its second day, when it looked more like a thick stew than a soup. First day, second day, third day (IF it even lasts that long!), this soup is a household favorite of ours. Don't skimp on the almonds; their crunch is essential!
(soup is just ugly, boo!)

Finally, we've got the infamous Mountain Dew Apple Dumplings. I say infamous because I first served them a year ago at our community group and people have not stopped talking about them since! It's a little embarrassing that one of my most talked about desserts includes cans of crescent rolls and Mountain Dew. I can't argue with the audience though, these babies are gooooooood! This time around I made 1 1/2 batches to avoid having people fight over the leftovers like last year ;)
(already ate the ice cream out of there, hence the melted spots in the bottom of the bowl!)

So there you have it, three recipes so good they were worthy of repeat. Enjoying these again has inspired me to recreate a few more of my favorites, so you may see some more recipe rewinds to come...especially if it's a great recipe with a terrible picture!

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