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Monday, September 1, 2014

Breakfast for Dinner: 14 Favorites

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Check out Breakfast for Dinner: 14 Favorites
by Natalie McLaury at Foodie.com
It's Labor Day, which means I'm not laboring and hopefully you aren't either! We've spent the weekend celebrating birthdays (Ryan's and my mom's) in Chicago and are making the trek back to St. Louis today. Like I do every time I return from vacation, I'll be spending part of the time in the car planning our menu for the week. I'm keeping things simple with a few freezer meals, a few nights of planned leftovers, and one of my favorites--breakfast for dinner!
Huevos Rancheros Wraps

I think of waffles whenever I think of breakfast for dinner, I think because that's what we grew up with, but in truth, we eat eggs for dinner more than any other breakfast food. That being said, it's time to expand our breakfast for dinner repertoire, because nothing sounds more comforting than breakfast mac n cheese or a breakfast hamburger...admittedly both more on the "dinner" end of the spectrum but with breakfast-like elements nonetheless.
Sourdough Pancakes

Might I recommend you incorporate breakfast into your dinner this week somehow? I've created a slideshow of some of my favorites...some from the blog, like Pesto Quiche with Oatmeal Crust and Lemon Cornmeal Waffles with Berry Compote, and others, like the aforementioned mac n cheese and burgers that I'm eager to try! Check out my entire collection on Foodie, here.

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