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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Odds & Ends

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1. As promised, let's kick things off this Saturday with a giveaway from Alexia. As I announced last weekend, I'm going to be an Alexia Tastemaker...part of which means you guys get the chance to win some fun stuff from time to time. Pictured below is what's up for grabs this weekend: a cooking prize pack that includes an apron, an oven mitt, a spatula, a kitchen timer, and a coupon for a free Alexia product (pictured below). The prize is worth it for the coupon alone! To enter the giveaway, head on over to my Facebook page and tell me you want to win! You have until Monday at 9 pm Central to enter--I'll pick a winner randomly and announce in Tuesday's post!

2. It's the busiest time of year! Oh wait, I haven't found a time of year that isn't busy. Still, these months get a little crazy with lots of extra stuff going on...which is why I loved my sister-in-law Erin's post about menu-planning. I completely agree with her tips and think I'm going to start using her adorable weekly menu printable!

3. I’ve mentioned that my brother Quinn is starting to venture into the world of cooking. Last weekend I got a call from the grocery store, asking what ground turkey looked like. The next night, there were multiple texts and phone conversations as I talked him through this easy turkey chili. It was a success—he fed himself and some friends AND gave the recipe rave reviews. So proud of that boy!

4. Last Saturday I woke up to an email from my friend Katie who was excited to see that my creme brulee cheesecake was featured on Cup of Jo's weekend links. One of my favorite cheesecakes! And I got a few comments from people who made it over the past week and loved it. It's not too early to start thinking about your show-stopping Christmas dessert...