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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Recipes for World Nutella Day

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Did you know today is not just Superbowl Sunday, it's also World Nutella Day? Okay so maybe it's not quite as well-recognized as the Superbowl, but Michelle and Sara were onto something when they declared this holiday back in 2007. Who doesn't love Nutella?! The Sweets Life certainly does, as a peek into our archives proves. I'm posting links to some of my favorite Nutella recipes below. If you are boycotting the Superbowl, why don't you head to the kitchen instead? All you football fans, store these recipes away...tomorrow sounds like as good a day as any to celebrate Nutella!

What's your favorite way to eat Nutella? When I'm not baking with it, we love to dip pretzels in it, something I discovered back in college!

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