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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Best of 2011: Blues City Deli

Despite the fact that I'm posting this on November 2nd, we did actually complete our October Best of 2011 Challenge within October...I've just been too busy posting other foods to sneak this one in there. Our trip to Blues City Deli could not go unmentioned any longer, though, because we've found ourselves some new favorite sandwiches in the city of St. Louis!

It's gems like this that remind me of why I love St. Louis, and there's no doubt it deserved its spot on STL Mag's Best Restaurants list. Situated on a residential corner in the Soulard/Benton Park area, the atmosphere reminded of us our beloved Mike & Patty's in Boston! We wheeled up on our bikes on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and found the place hopping. A band was setting up to play, the line was nearly out the door, and the area was packed inside and out with groups of people digging into sandwiches.

Although the menu includes a ton of sandwiches, I knew I wanted to try out the muffuletta. Ever since discovering this sandwich packed with meat, cheese, and olive spread, I can't resist ordering it when I spot it on a menu. Along with the muffuletta, Ryan and I opted to order the black and blue: hot roast beef dipped in aujus, provolone cheese, grilled onions, blue cheese crumbles, and chunky blue cheese dressing, all served on a hoagie.

After a quick wait outside, we were brought our food and we eagerly unwrapped them from the paper, barely stopping to snap a few quick pictures before taking our first bites. Neither disappointed. The muffuletta was large and in charge. A half sandwich was, as you can see below, more than enough although we didn't have trouble finishing off the loaded sandwich! Likewise, we devoured the black and blue, the combination of flavors to die for! Not a crumb of either was left, though we were glad we'd wisely opted to skip out on chips and cookies (despite the fact that they sell Billy Goat Chips, another STL favorite!).

Stuffed, we vowed to return soon, and hopefully next time we'll stay long enough to hear some live music! Whether you're a St. Louis local or just passing through town, Blues City Deli is worth the visit!

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