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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Odds & Ends

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1. 25 Things to Know About Money Before You Turn 25. Solid list, even if you're older than 25!
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2. JOGGERS! Call them slim sweatpants, joggers, or something else. Whatever they are, I'm obsessed! I now have two pairs, a dark gray pair from Marshall's and a black pair from H&M. I bought my brother some for his birthday, also from H&M, and next up I'm thinking Brecken needs a pair. I'm loving the round-up on Hellobee!

3. In September I cooked a birthday dinner for my mom, and a small group of family and friends. I never got around to photographing any of the food, but it would be a disservice not to mention a few of the recipes I made that night because the entire meal was a huge hit. Do yourself a favor and bookmark these--we loved them and I will be making them both again sometime!

Baby Kevin, and cousins Eoin & Brecken measuring him up!
4. I have a new nephew! My sister-in-law Kate had Kevin Wain last Wednesday. He's perfectly healthy and perfectly gorgeous. Brecken is going to have her hands full with THREE boy cousins, all within one year of her age. I feel so fortunate to raise these kids alongside my wonderful sister and sisters-in-law!