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Friday, April 8, 2011

Good Bread & Sandwich Inspiration Needed!

Remember a few weeks ago, when I unveiled my new blog design and also told you guys we were moving? Well, the time has officially come. We've spent the last week or so furiously painting (HUGE shoutout to my mom & grandma who gave up a weekend to come paint our ENTIRE house!) and transporting boxes from one house to the next, little by little. Tomorrow's the BIG move. We'll finally take all of our furniture to the new place and start living in our new home full-time. We are so excited, but also a little overwhelmed, as there is still lots of UNpacking, organizing, and decorating to be done!

Things won't change too much on The Sweets Life front, as I've been diligently pre-writing posts for this period of time where things are a little crazy. However, I'll still be trying to cook healthy meals for us as much as possible and not rely on takeout or Ted Drewes too much ;) Lucky for us we are stocked, and I mean stocked, with good bread.

Not only did we receive several loaves of Companion Bakery's amazing bread a few weeks ago at a church fundraiser, but I was also sent some of Nature's Pride new Hearty Wheat Bread with Flax, as part of Foodbuzz's Tastemaker Program. All of this bread is perfect for sandwiches, which of course, are perfect for those of us short on time these days! Those of you in St. Louis---I can't say enough good things about Companion Bread. I've never met a carb of theirs I didn't love, from the kalamata olive bread to the challah to the pretzel rolls! And I'm digging the new Nature's Pride bread too--only 100 calories a slice and with 22 g of whole grains. Love that!

So here I am with lots of bread, and lots of sandwich recipes on the blog. Pictured above you see tuna and white bean saladcranberry turkey paninis, open faced veggie sandwiches, and crispy tilapia sandwiches. What can I say? We love sandwiches! While I recommend all of these, and the others found in my index, I'm now on a hunt for new sandwich recipes! Have a favorite combination? Something tried and true, or something a little daring? Send them my way, I want to try them! Leave a comment on this post with your ideas so I myself and other readers can find some new sandwich inspiration :) If we're going to be eating sandwiches for days through the unpacking process, we at least need some new fun ones to try!

One Year Ago: Mexican Salad (one of my favorites!)